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Maxi Cab Booking Services Singapore - Book a Maxi Taxi Online

Fill up 'online booking form' for advance booking.


Less than 3 minutes to complete the form. Fast response

For Maxicab booking, call our 

24 Hours Maxicab Hotline

 @ ( +65 94363166 /+65 96685269 )







  • Reliable and Prompt 7 Seater Maxicab Services



  • Spacious & Comfortable 7 Seater Mercedes Benz Viano Maxicabs

         ( Maximum capacity of 7 adults plus luggages)



  • Ideal for Large Family or Group Size Travel



  • Good Quality maxicab services



  • Professional & Friendly maxicab drivers



  • Good Feedback from guests



  • Reasonable & Affordable Rates





Family Maxicab Singapore Specialise in:



(A) Airport Departure Transfers



(B) Airport Arrival Transfers



(C) Point to Point Transfers

( Sight-seeing, company / school events)



(D) Hourly Disposal Services

( City tours, wedding photo taking sessions, business meetings)



(E) Bulky Items Transfer



Reliable & Good Feedback 7 Seater Maxicab Services!




For enquiries:

 +65 94363166/ + 65 96685269

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Testimonials from our clients

Why Use a MaxiCab Service?

Travelling in a group is often inconvenience when talking about transportation from the flight terminal and also to enjoy numerous activities. Yet with the most efficient Maxitaxi service, you can easily make one telephone call or perhaps book on the Internet and be assured that you and family or friends can travel in style, comfort without paying an excessively high amount.


MaxiCab offers you door-to-door passenger transportation service throughout the main town in Singapore. You'll find Maxi Taxi services in 7 or 13 seaters for comfortable rides, even when you need a vehicle which is equipped to serve wheel chair travelers


Nearly every maxicab is equipped with electronic payment facilities permitting payment with all of the credit cards accepted. 


When you get to the destination, you'll find taxis at the sheltered rank of the airport terminals. You can find curbside staff that'll arrange the taxi in accordance with the number of travelers; therefore, one can get a 7 or 13 seaters taxi to handle large luggage, big groups, baby capsules and also wheelchair facilities. 



Unquestionably, the Maxi-cab will offer individuals with the freedom to wander around the city without needing to drive on their own. You can find well-trained cab drivers that are more than willing and happy to take you to any location you like, also in the specific time that they're told to arrive there. Ultimately, the Maxi-taxis are well-kept in great condition all the time. Having the drivers in the fleet taking good care of passengers with excellent service, there's no question that travelers will always be assured a smooth and comfy journey to their preferred location.

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